Our Teas
All of our “Comptoir Français du Thé” teas served in the lounge are also available for sale.

Green teas

Coco Câline New

Green tea, pieces of pineapple and coconut, marigold petals

Connivence NOUVEAUTÉ

Fruity sencha green tea with aromas of red fruits, pieces of redcurrant and vanilla

Féérie de Noël Bio

Sencha green tea, orange peels, mixture of spices, pepper, aromas and notes of mandarins

Fleurs Cerisiers du Japon

Sencha green tea flavored with almond and cherry



Plain green tea


Japan Lime

Fruity green tea with lemon, lime and marigold petals


Thé au Jasmin avec fleurs

Chinese green tea, jasmine and jasmine flowers


Fruity green tea with aromas of peach, apricot, cornflower, rose and marigold petals

Noël en Vert

Flavored green tea with notes of spices and almonds, safflower petals


Thé des Oasis

Green tea flavored with Moroccan mint "Nanah", on a Gunpowder base


Douce Camomille Bio (without theine)

Fruit and plant infusion with sweet flavors of lemongrass, rosehips, orange, vanilla and chamomile

Infusion de fruits de Noël (without theine)

Fruity infusion containing pieces of apples, almonds and pineapple, raisins, orange peels, rosehips, hibiscus flower notes, rose petals, blueberry and marigold

Nectar Royal (without theine)

Fruit infusion with pieces of peach, pineapple and apple, hibiscus, elderberry, blackcurrant, cranberries, pieces of strawberry and raspberry, sunflower and blueberry petals


Source des Maoris (without theine) NOUVEAUTÉ

Fruity infusion, pieces of apple, kiwi and strawberry, rosehip peel, hibiscus flowers

Tendre Gingembre (without theine)

Infusion lightly scented with rose, pieces of ginger

Zen Detox (without theine)

Herbal infusion, blend of mate and Sencha green tea with lemon notes

Rooibos base mixes

African Dream Bio (without theine)

Organic rooibos with notes of red fruits and marigold petals

African Earl Grey (without theine)

Bergamot flavored organic rooibos

African Noël (swithout theine)

Rooibos flavored with notes of ginger and almond, orange peels, pieces of cinnamon, red pepper, pieces of almond and ginger

Thé Oolong

Oolong Al0ha New

Semi-fermented tea with exotic fruits, mango, pieces of apricot and banana

Oolong Châtaigne New

Semi-fermented tea, pieces and aroma of chestnut

Black teas

Ceylan O.P

A great classic of plain black teas

Christophe Colomb

Flavored black tea with notes of cranberry, cornflower and safflower flowers

Darjeeling F.O.P. Anapurna

Plain black tea with natural notes of almonds and ripe fruit

Étoile du 25

Flavored black tea with notes of cherry and almond, blueberry petals, and pieces of cranberry

Grand Earl Grey

Black tea flavored with bergamot, made on a base of Ceylon O.P



Black tea with bergamot, citrus fruits and orange peels, based on Ceylon


Thé de l'Hiver

Gourmet black tea with notes of caramel, chocolate and crunchy cocoa pieces

Jardin de Colette

Black tea with notes of pear, red fruits, pieces of raspberry and apple, rose and mallow petals

Noël en Alsace

Flavored black tea with dominant notes of orange and spices, blueberry petals

Noël Boréal

Flavored black tea with notes of orange and spices, slivered almonds, pieces of cinnamon, star anise, pieces of apple, pieces of ginger


Flavored black tea with notes of pineapple and melon, pieces of pineapple


Sweet Home

Flavored black tea with dominant notes of orange and caramel, pieces of apple, pieces of cinnamon, orange peels, pieces of almonds, marigold petals

Thé à la Vanille Exclusive

Black tea flavored with vanilla pod

Teas made from a blend of Black and Green Tea

Thé des Amoureux

Fruity mixed tea, with notes of orange peel, passion fruit, blueberry, rose, marigold and safflower petals


Mixed flowery tea, with notes of jasmine, rose and violet, petals of mallow, rose, jasmine and orange tree

Kama Sutra

Mixed spicy tea, flavored with notes of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, anise, citrus peel, orange blossom, marigold and rose petals


Saphir Bleu

Mixed black and semi-fermented tea, with notes of rhubarb and mirabelle plum, pieces of rhubarb, marigold and blueberry petals



Mixed tea flavored with bergamot and mint, orange and lemon peels, mint leaves